Current Status


The alpha-release-1-6 file release has been updated so that it actually compiles! One missing comma is inserted in atppc.c. The tarball and diff have been updated with the fix and synchronized with the NetBSD-current source.


UPDATE: new file release, alpha-release-1-6, available. Includes the updates below as a tarball or diff (both compressed). Check the downloads page for more information on getting project files. The release notes are also available.

More commits: CVS repository has been updated. Statistics are still not reflecting this due to a long term issue with SourceForge's site-wide statistics.

The micro-sequence code is being modified to make it easier to use in NetBSD. The modified code allows reading as well as writing and eliminates some recursive calls. These are unseen details that will not matter to anyone who is not writing device drivers for ppbus.

The atppc driver has been updated for micro-sequence changes, but also has been changed to not keep interrupts blocked for as long as it used to (done in older commits). This may matter for everyone and it could use some testing.

Parallel ZIP drivers are being attempted but the code is not yet compilable. Therefore it is not yet in the repository. The FreeBSD driver will be split into two distinct drivers: imm and vpo. Vpo will be finished first, but once that is done imm will shortly follow.


A number of commits have been made to the CVS repository after a lull in activity!

The 'lp' device was renamed to 'plip'. The example configuration file, manual page (and its online version) have also been updated to reflect the change.

Lptctl is now under 'usr.sbin' instead of 'sbin'. The Makefile for lptctl was also updated (it now matches the makefile in the NetBSD source tree). In a separate commit, the lptctl utility and manual page where updated: lptctl now uses getopt(3) to parse its arguments and additional arguments have been added. The online manual page has also been updated to reflect the change.

The lpt device has new ioctl definitions and recompiling the lptctl utility will be necessary when the kernel is updated.

The latest file release is available in both tar ball and compressed diff forms. You can also go directly to the file release page for the NetBSD-ppbus project. Interested in providing feedback?

CVS statistics are not being collected by SourceForge (problems with the site infrastructure) but a number of commits have been made to the repository. These changes will continuously become part of file releases. More details are available for:


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